Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random things

Just some random facts about me to somewhat introduce myself.
  1. My middle name is Love.
  2. I am married
  3. I have 2 daughters & 1 stepson
  4. My husband & I have been married since June 24, 2000.
  5. This is my first real blog
  6. I have myspace, facebook, twitter accounts.
  7. I love to read
  8. I don't mind housework but hate taking out the trash
  9. I love my kids but don't want more
  10. I'll do anything for a friend or family member
  11. I enjoy church (most of the time)
  12. I hate it when men at church think women are inferior...I am a lot smarter than a good majority of our men
  13. I rock out in my minivan when the kids aren't with me
  14. Sometimes I hate driving a minivan
  15. I love the town I live in most of the time
  16. My oldest thinks I'm a dork
  17. I often want the power to turn back time
  18. I'm often scared that something will happen to my husband when he's gone but I try not to let him know.
  19. I like things to be organized
  20. I did not vote for Obama & do not trust him
  21. I am very protective of my children & not cross me on this
  22. I go to church twice a week most weeks
  23. I think that even though I can open my own door the man should still make the attempt.
  24. I like to watch Seinfeld.
  25. I watch way to much TV

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