Friday, June 22, 2012

Coupon Preview for 6/24/12

It looks like there should be TWO inserts in this weekend's paper. One Smartsource and one RedPlum.
If there looks to be coupons that your family uses buy multiple papers in order to multiply those savings.
These coupons SHOULD be in Sunday's paper:

RedPlum Coupon Preview
Axe Save $1/1 shower gel or detailer (7/22) ETS
C&H Save $1/1 light product (8/19)
DermaSilk Save $5/1 full size product (7/7)
Garnier Fructis Save $1/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment (8/4) ETS
Garnier Fructis Save $1/1 style product (8/24) ETS
Good’n natural B1G1 free bar up to Save $1.29 (8/6)
Kibbles ‘n Bits Save $1.50/1 dry dog food (8/26)
Land O’Frost Save $1/1 Wrap Kit or Sub Sandwich Kit (8/31)
Land O’Frost Save $1/2 Premium, Delishaved or Bistro Favorites (8/31)
L’Oreal Save $1/1 Excellence or Excellence to-Go shade (8/19)
Luigi’s Save $.75/2 Real Italian Ice (7/21)
Milk-Bone Save $1/1 Trail Mix dog snacks (8/19)
Milk-Bone Save $1/50/2 dog snacks (8/19)
Milo’s Kitchen Save $1/1 home-style dog treats (8/19)
Minute Maid Save $.75/2 frozen novelties (7/21)
Nalley Save $.75/1 pickles, peppers or relish 16oz+ (8/31)
Neutrogena Save $1/1 suncare item (7/31) ETS
POND’S Save $1/1 cream, towelettes or cleansing product (7/22) ETS
POND’S Save $1/1 wet cleansing towelettes 30ct only (7/22)
Tums Save $1/1 freshers 50ct (8/24)
Tums Save $1/2 24ct+ (8/24)
Vanity Fair Save $.55/1 napkins (9/24)
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Smartsource coupon insert
Aleve Save $1/1 20ct+ product excludes D (9/30)
Barilla Save $.55/2 blue box pasta (8/19)
Bayer Save $3/1 aspirin product 20ct+ (8/18)
BLUE Save $2/1 Naturally Fresh cat litter 6lb & 17lb bags (7/30)
BLUE Save $3/1 natural dog or cat food 11lbs+ (7/30)
BLUE Save $4/1 Naturally Fresh cat litter 34lb+ (7/30)
BLUE B10G2 free canned cat food up to Save $3.50 (7/30)
Bulcolax Save $2/1 stool softener 25ct+, laxative tablet or suppository 4ct+ (8/26)
Chinet Save $1/1 Classic White plates (9/30)
Coppertone Save $1/1 suncare product 2oz+ (7/31)
Coppertone Save $5/2 suncare products 2oz+ (7/31)
Cortizone 10 Save $1/1 Intensive Healing Eczema (8/31)
Cortizone 10 Save $1/1 item (8/31)
Cottonelle Save $.50/1 12pk mega roll or 16pk+ double roll (8/25) TARGET coupon (8/25)
Cottonelle Save $.50/1 Fresh Care moist wipes 42ct+ (8/25) TARGET coupon
Cottonelle Save $2/both 12pk mega roll OR 16pk+ double roll AND Fresh Care moist wipes 42ct+ (8/25) TARGET coupon
Dole Save $.50/1 fruit smoothie shakers (8/31)
Dole Save $.75/2 pineapple cans (8/19)
Dole Save $1/2 frozen fruit single-serve cups (8/31)
Fast Fixin Save $1/1 (7/15)
Fiber One Save $.50/2 Chewy Bars, 90 Calorie Chewy Bars or 90 Calorie Brownies (8/18)
FRENCH’S Save $.30/1 mustard (8/31)
General Mills Save $.50/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats, Cocoa Puffs Treats, Lucky Charms Treats, Golden Grahams Treats, Chex Mix Treats or Milk’n Cereal bars (8/18)
General Mills Save $.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored Snacks, Mott’s Fruit Flavored Snacks or Sunkist Fruit Flavored Snacks (8/18)
General Mills Save $1/2 Chex, Fiber One, Total, Wheaties, Oatmeal Crisp, Honey Nut Clusters, Raisin Nut Bran or Basic 4 cereals (8/4)
Hershey’s Save $1/2 milk chocolate 6 packs(8/12)
Honey Maid Save $1/2 Grahams 12-28oz (8/12)
Hormel Save $1/2 premium chicken breast cans (8/20)
Jet-Puffed Save $.20/2 marshmallows 8oz+ (8/12)
Johnsonville Save $1/1 pork and chicken sausage 17.63oz (9/23)
Kozy Shack Save $1/1 bread pudding product (9/22)
Lubriderm Save $2/1 24floz, 16floz, 13.5floz or 8oz product (8/31)
Mitchum Save $1/1 regular or for Women product excludes trial and multipacks (7/29)
Mt. Olive Save $1/1 pickles, pepper or relish (8/5)
Nature Valley Save $.50/2 granola bars 5ct+ or granola thins (8/18)
OFF! Save $1.50/1 clip-on mosquito repellent starter (8/19)
OFF! Save $1/1 area product (8/19)
OFF! Save $1/1 clip-on mosquito repellent refill (8/19)
OFF! Save $2/2 area products (8/19)
One A Day Save $1/1 adult multivitamin product (8/31)
Ore-Ida Save $1/1 Grillers (7/31)
Pantene Save $3/2 products ets (7/31)
Planters Save $1/1 product 4-21.5oz sizes excluding pistachios (8/31)
POM Wonderful Save $1/1 16, 24 or 48oz juice (9/30)
Precious Save $1/1 mozzarella cheese (9/30)
Precious Save $1/1 ricotta or fresh mozzarella cheese(9/30)
Purina Save $1/2 Friskies cat treats (9/24)
Raid Save $1/1 ant product (8/4)
Revlon Save $1/1 nail product (7/29)
Revlon Save $1/2 ColorSilk product (7/22)
Revlon Save $2/1 face product (7/29)
Revlon Save $3 off lip item with purchase of cosmetics item (7/23) TARGET coupon
Reynolds Wrap Save $.55/1 foil 35sqft+ excluding Wrappers dnd (8/31)
Rips Save $.50/1 bite size licorice 4oz+ (9/30)
Rug Doctor Save $5/1 rental dnd (8/24)
Schick Save $1/1 Quattro for Women disposable razor pack (8/5)
Schick Save $1/1 Quattro Titanium disposable razor (8/5)
Schick Save $2/1 Intuition razor or refill (8/5)
Schick Save $2/1 Quattro for Women razor or refill (8/5)
Schick Save $3/2 ST2 or Slim Twin disposable razor packs excludes 2 count or 10+2 count (7/22)
Schick Save $4 off Quattro Titanium razor when you buy refill (8/5)
Sensibles Save $.55/1 plates (8/31)
Similac Save $1/1 single or 2 pack SIMPLYSMART bottles (8/31)
Skintimate Save $.55/1 shave gel or cream shave excludes 2.75oz cans (8/5)
South Beach Diet Save $.55/1 protein fit or fiber bars dnd (8/24)
South Beach Diet Save $1/1 meal bars, snack bars or snacks (8/24)
Tabasco Save $.75/1 (8/20)
Tena Save $1/1 pad or pantiliner (9/30)
Tena Save $1/1 product (9/30)
Treasure Cave Save $.40/1 cheese 4oz+ (9/30)
Trojan Save $1/1 Vibrations product (9/24)
TruBiotics Save $3/1 probiotic supplement product (8/31)
Ultra Palmolive Save $.25/1 dish liquid 20oz+ (7/14)
V8 Save $.50/1 V-Fusion + Tea juice variety 46oz (8/5)
V8 Save $.50/2 V-Fusion juice varieties 46oz (8/5)
Waggin’ Train Save $3/2 3oz+ dog treats (8/5)
Wholly Save $1/1 salsa product (8/15)
Wonderful Pistachios Save $.50/1 5oz+ dnd (8/30)
Wonka Save $1/2 ice cream (12/31)
Zostrix Save $5/1 diabetic foot pain relieving cream (8/31)
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WFM Wednesday- Clean Vehicle

One thing I like to do that helps my life run smoothly is keeping our vehicle cleaned out. Is it perfect? No, but we can all ride in it comfortably. I follow Flylady and one of her habits is Clean Car Friday. So most Fridays I go out an pull out all unneeded items and return them to their rightful homes. I also take our snack box and refill it with snacks and then I grab a wet washcloth and wipe everything down. If I am out and about I try to pull into the carwash and vacuum it out. It takes only a few minutes and the benefits are huge. I also try to fill up the truck and check the tire pressure. Total time is 15-30 minutes depending on if I fill it up and vacuum.

To give you an idea of what I do here's my list:

1. Grab empty laundry basket and pitch everything that doesn't belong in the truck.
2. Grab empty shopping bag and place in it all trash. Place additional bag in vehicle for during week trash.
3. Return things to rightful spot. (Umbrella under seat, chargers in console, etc)
4. Bring in laundry basket and snack box. Refill snack box.
5. Replace snack box and take wet rag and do a quick wipe down of everything.
6. Vac, gas and tires if going into town. If not I will wait till I do.

This plus using pockets of dead time to clean helps keep my vehicle looking nice. (Pockets of dead time is my term for when I am waiting in the car for a child. I will do a quick pick up of trash and take the microfiber cloth I keep in the truck and wipe everything down)

Do you have a clean vehicle routine?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sum sum Summertime

    Well I hope you all had a great weekend! For Fathers Day we took the kids to the pool and then to McDonalds. the life people.....don't hate. After we just hung around the house. Big fun!

    Now that we are somewhat settled in our temporary home I am planning on getting back to the gym. I got a new schedule and marked off water aerobics and the dance type classes. I also joined a weight loss group with my church. I think the competition will do me good. I like competition. Actually I like winning but I am not supposed to say that. (But I like winning....shhh)

   I need to get things back on track. I need to menu plan again. Little different this time as I will be trying to use up my stockpile. After moving it once I want to move less this I also need to get back on cleaning schedule and get things purged. We should be moving right before school starts and I want to be on track. Both girls will be in school this year and Becca has been promoted to the advanced karate class and Carson wants to do both dance and cheer leading next year. And she wants me to be cheer mom. So getting organized this summer is a must if I want to add all that to my plate.

    What about you? How do you spend your summers?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

To all of the Fathers out there....either by birth or by choice I want to wish you a Happy Father's Day! What are your plans for the day?