Saturday, June 9, 2012


Let me ask a question? Is my husband the only bull in the china shop???

To clarify…..if I am still asleep…..mind you its 6am not 8 or God forbid 9am my husband will be as loud as humanly possible all the while claiming he is trying to be quiet. He will repeatedly come into our bedroom and “looking” for something in the bathroom. So I finally say I’m up….what are you looking for and he says never mind I found it and he holds up his razor!

Cue exploding head!

Did I forget to mention the kids were at my parents?

Well…..two were the 40 year old needs to go next time so this momma can get some sleep.

So, is my husband the only one like this?

Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm baaaaccckkk!

So we moved. And let me tell you how exciting that was…….cricket……cricket……yeah…not exciting at all.

We just moved to the next town but you would think with the internet we moved 27 towns away. We even moved to a bigger more populated town. But can you believe that it took a week….yes SEVEN days to transfer internet service? I didn’t establish new service…..I transferred existing service. And let me tell you, the dude was mad that I didn’t want the $150 monthly package. But…..that’s another blog post there.

I can not believe how much junk we had. And I discovered men and women move differently. As I was leaving stuff behind to be thrown away, my husband packed it up. So now, I not only get to unpack I get to throw away. And the best part? We are doing this again in 2 months! Yes, this is temporary while we purchase our new larger home. So we are only unpacking what we need. No knick-nacks allowed.

At least I will know to schedule a transfer a week in advance…..ugh….help me.