Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My other half

Well my husband comes home tomorrow evening. Its odd. I look forward to him coming home & being home for the first 3 weeks. Then that last week I am ready for him to leave. You see when he's home he's home. He has no friends here & he's always under foot, making messes & generally just getting in my way. Between him & the baby I don't know which is worse. Also next week is a school holiday so the 10 year old will be home too. I might actually go crazy.
So would you like your husband to work offshore? If so how long could you stand for him to be gone?


  1. May I ask where he works out of? My husband is getting on a boat tomorrow out of Venice to go on the rig. He'll be there overnight and then home the next day. I miss him when he is gone. I was like you at one point - small kids and he was just another added to the bunch LOL It changes.. enjoy the craziness now - it's a whole nuther level in the teen years HAHAHA

  2. Hey Rach...well right now he works in Panama. So currently I bring him to Gulfport airport (hate to drive in New Orleans & its only 2 more miles to GP) & I pick him up there too. Sometime I have to go to the N.O. airport. He is on a dredge. He is an electrician & a QMED. He's never been on a rig just vessels. We have had to go to Venice, Dulac, Fuchon, Golden Meadows, Raceland, & Amelia just outside of Morgan City. When we met he was Army & went offshore shortly after getting out. Our oldest is 10 so its been about 8 or 9 years now. Oh yes I am sooo looking forward to the teen years of being an offshore widow. Luckily a lot of hubbies down here work off shore. What area of La do you live in? I live on the Northshore. Thanks.
    The Semi-Single Mom

  3. Fuchon & Venice, yes. The very ends of the earth LOL Now he is on his way to Buras from Monroe! Glad he likes to drive. His uncle is a mudd man and he works with him. THey install equipment designed to take stop the air from getting in the mud when it cycles around. Hubby builds them, installs, demonstrates, removes... his uncle does the PR work. It's face-paced and never ending!

    We live south of Lake Charles.