Thursday, May 14, 2009

How come

How come when you get a simple to assemble toy organizer the instructions are in picture form only? How come they give you extra pieces that leaves you worried till you look at the pictures again? How come the phone rings off the hook while you are trying to accomplish this because your husband is out of town? How come your 2 year old and 4 year old niece both have to poop while this project is going on? (Can someone come wipe my butt?) How come it doesn't say on the box that unless you are a master carpenter then you need an extra pair of hands to help. And how come when you mutter the word crap the 4 year old who never listens to anything you say all of a sudden has a complete hearing miracle and starts repeating the word constantly?

If you can answer any of these questions let me know how come.


May Blessings

So its been super busy around here. First on May 6th my DH went back to Panama for another month, then just 2 days later my baby turned 2. I was looking at her the other day and realized she's not a baby anymore...shes a small child. Where did the time go? She's developing a personality and so much more.

She is also progressing nicely on the potty training. I know you are I have to brag as it was so hard with my oldest child. B is so much easier. C did not finally get it till she was 3 1/2 but B...well lets just say God smiled on me with this child.

The rest of the time I have just been caught up in the day to day stuff. We celebrated Mother's Day at my parents with some Popeye's chicken (drool) and one of those big water slides for the 4 grand kids. A good time was had by all & the children went home dead tired which meant a quiet night for me. (Ah...what I really wanted)

How has your May been so far? I hope its been truly blessed.