Monday, June 18, 2012

Sum sum Summertime

    Well I hope you all had a great weekend! For Fathers Day we took the kids to the pool and then to McDonalds. the life people.....don't hate. After we just hung around the house. Big fun!

    Now that we are somewhat settled in our temporary home I am planning on getting back to the gym. I got a new schedule and marked off water aerobics and the dance type classes. I also joined a weight loss group with my church. I think the competition will do me good. I like competition. Actually I like winning but I am not supposed to say that. (But I like winning....shhh)

   I need to get things back on track. I need to menu plan again. Little different this time as I will be trying to use up my stockpile. After moving it once I want to move less this I also need to get back on cleaning schedule and get things purged. We should be moving right before school starts and I want to be on track. Both girls will be in school this year and Becca has been promoted to the advanced karate class and Carson wants to do both dance and cheer leading next year. And she wants me to be cheer mom. So getting organized this summer is a must if I want to add all that to my plate.

    What about you? How do you spend your summers?


  1. I like your summary about yourself "My adventures as a married mom of 2 girls with a husband who is gone half the year & living in the same town I grew up in." because it exactly like my life! I have 2 kids, and my husband is only home about 1 day per week because he works away from home. And not only do I live in the town i grew up in, I live across the street from the house I grew up in lol. It's nice seeing other people living the same way!

  2. We've got a lot planned: potty training our autistic daughter, teaching my girls to cook, an hour of homeschooling to keep them fresh come September daily, season passes to Dorney park, and a trip to Florida. OH yea, I'm supposed to start working out. (Yea right). If you have ANY tips, please share!!

  3. sure do have a lot going on. My only tip...and please forgive me if it won't work for you...all children are a timer. We set it for every 2 min and took her to pee. Then when she did I bumped it to 5 then every 2 min after that. I also kept givng her juice and let her wear just a shirt and panties. Pull ups were like a diaper to her but panites...yes indeed. Also she wanted to be like her big sis so that helped. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, that is a great tip! We need all the help we can get, because she is older and autism/sensory issues (or a lack of sensitivity when she actually goes) is an issue! A timer, though, might help regulate her.

  4. We had an uneventful father's day. hubby did mostly yard work & BBQ for my family.