Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Schedules

    This summer is the first summer in six years that my oldest hasn't been in summer camp. This means I have both girls home ALL DAY LONG. Which means my house is a constant disaster in the making. I try, really I do. I get up in the morning and straighten up and pick up throughout the day and at night before bed but I swear I am just spinning my wheels.

    Now I have tried so many things. Flylady, lists, schedules, yelling...wait...I can't admit to yelling on a blog can I? Anyway, nothing seems to work. Also depending on what I do during the day with the girls sometimes I am to tired to pick up in the evening, which just sets myself up for disaster tomorrow.

    Whats a mom to do?

    Seriously? What should I do?

    Right now I am thinking I should just let go and let God for the state of my house this summer.

    Thoughts? What do you do in the summer time if all of your children are at home?


  1. Honey, I am in the same boat! All I do is dedicate 3 hours on 1 particular day each week during the summer to clean, and Trying to pickup everyday during summer when the kids are home, is basically equivalent to eating Oreo cookies while brushing your teeth- it just doesn't work.

  2. I know right....I get up early and clean and stay up late and clean but of course the moment someone stops by it looks like I have been sleeping all

  3. I try to see what resources are available for free or relatively low cost around my neighborhood, I have a calendar that we have set up that details what is planned for the week, they do all of their chores in the morning and the evening, and they help make the meals throughout the day. Getting out and knowing what we're doing day to day really helps them.

  4. Make it a game for your kids to help clean at the end of day everyday or set up reward's for them like allowance when they do their chores. Rose has good idea about planning around activities in community.

  5. I clean up in the mornings and have a list right outside my kids' doors with a list of their daily chores including, fixing bed, lessons, putting their clothes in the laundry room etc. I got tired of repeating the same thing all day long so now I just refer them back to the list or there is no tv, computers, games or play time till they are up to that point on the list. Yes I put 2 playtimes on the list so once they reach a certain point they can play for a while.

  6. Don't know your girls' ages, but at any age children can help with chores. Get them going with a chore chart. I hope things work out well for you.