Monday, September 13, 2010

The day B ran away. beloved B who is 3 decided that she did not want the dinner I prepared. She was adamant about going to nanny's house. (My mom.....grandma) So while at the table she kept asking to go. I told her no we would go another day. So....she rebelled the way 3 year olds do....she pushed her plate away, then spilled her drink then the final straw was when she flung her fork on the floor.
My husband who at this point had had enough took her to the front door.....opened it up then told her to go. Which she did. I couldn't believe my baby walked out the front door barefoot I might add...& started down the steps. My husband (cold hearted compared to me) shut the door. Of course he watched through the glass. She climbed down the steps & down the walk. When she got out of sight I told him to go out & watch her. (We live in the country & have snakes in the yard often) He watched her go down the drive ( set the scene our driveway is gravel & about 1500 feet long) all the way to the end where the road is. She looked up at him & he pointed toward the direction of nanny's house. She stood there uncertainly as birds tweeted & squirrels scampered. Those seemed to scare her so she told them in her big girl voice to be quiet. Her dad asked if she still wanted to leave.....she said no & walked back to where I was hoovering. When I asked her if she was ready to come back home she said "Nanny's house far far away.....get car" turkeyhead.

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