Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Open House.....a guide

Oh my. Last night was the open house for my oldest child's school. While some of it was very informative some was quite boring & could therefore be skipped. I don't understand why they send home information about programs then talk about the same thing they wrote about on open house. The only issue I really had can not be solved & its not a huge issue so I am not concerned. All of her teachers were super nice & I am sure my child will have a great year.

Now....onto the informative side. I have some tips for people to follow when you attend open house for your child. Most people will not have any problems following the rules but there are a few that need these tips but unfortunately because I am not Dear Abby they will not read this.

Tip #1 I know retro clothes are in....but if you wore it the first time it was in fashion you are to old to wear it again. (Which is why sadly I can't wear leg warmers again...lol) Case in point....high waste jeans.....cute when you were 20 not so cute now that you are 50. Pass them to another girl & wear age appropriate clothes.

Tip #2 Just because you can fit into it doesn't mean you should wear it out of the house. Mini skirts & belly shirts should not be worn by most women period. ESPECIALLY when you are over 30 & for absolute sure after you are 45. Which brings me to my next tip...

Tip #3 Do not shop for clothes in your daughter's or Lord forbid granddaughter's closets. If you want to know why refer to tip #2.

Tip #4 I do not care how in love with your husband, boyfriend, significant other you are open house is not the time for large amounts of PDA. (I am talking about the parents unfortunately) Actually keep PDA to a minimum. Handholding is fine.....sucking face not so much.

Tip #5 Please....if you can...leave infants at home or with a sitter. It is very overwhelming to them to have 600 kids in their face, it is LOUD, & there is no room for strollers. I know when you are single its hard but if possible leave the baby at home with daddy.

Tip #6 Try to leave grandparents & great grandparents at home. Same reasons apply to them as infants. To many people, very loud, no room for wheel chairs & its fast. We had 3 minutes between classes. I found it hard to keep up so I know that some of those people were winded. Bring them to assemblies where there isn't as much walking to do.

Hope you enjoyed reading these tips as much as I had fun writing them.
Have any tips to share?

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