Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where did my money go???

It been one of those weeks.

You see we live on a budget and this month a couple of credit card bills were paid twice due to some misunderstandings between my husband & the credit card companies. So we are short about $600. Ugh. At least I have some items stockpiled. I do need to get a few items still. I really need wipes & want to make my own so I have to see if I can pull it off buying the start up stuff.

Also I had planned on making my own laundry soap but again start up costs. Oh well.

As for my goals I have started up a to do list for the day, gotten a schedule set up for day I am home (which are most) & finished my coupon book & mostly done w/ household notebook. I really need to get the kitchen in a better working condition.

I also want to start making my own bread when DH is home. I still must buy some bread for C's school lunch as she informed me nobody brings homemade bread sandwiches. Ok whatever. It will still save money when he is home. I usually eat last night's dinner for lunch.

Well that's been my week thus far...interesting I know. Be on the look out for my PODA to be posted. Thanks for stopping by.

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