Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally Friday

Oh my word what a week it has been. My husband who is normally off shore is currently home but in school all this week. So that means up extra early all week and really early yesterday and today plus packing an extra lunch. Good new is I am able to get more accomplished in the AMs but by 3pm I'm beat. So getting up at 5 isn't that much fun but I may try to start getting up earlier than my usual 6:30 or so. Lets see how my week has been going on my goals.

We did finish our taxes in time with a refund due so that's good. I wasn't able to e-file because I couldn't find last years pins. So whatever. I DID however manage to finish my coupon binder & halfway through my household notebook. I did though get my list of daily chores done which I do plan on posting soon. I don't like calling it my daily to do's though, I heard something via Twitter which I like. It called your PODA (parade of daily activities).

I was also able to switch the girls rooms. After 3 days the baby slept all night in her new room with her sissy. Last night however was different. My children & I like it cool in the house my husband does not. I think when she gets hot she wakes up. Momma's about to put her foot down & tell hubby to wear more clothes to bed. The play room is coming along well. I am gonna have it knocked out by next weekend I hope. This weekend is jam packed w/ 2 parties & a game night & church.

Well that has been my week has been busy yet productive. How has yours been???

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  1. I'm tired just reading yours. All that with hubby home! You rock!!