Friday, April 17, 2009

What have I been doing all week.

Good morning. I know its been a while but its been so busy. First my husband returned home the Thurs. before Easter then well Easter & currently I have both kids home with sometimes a spare. Our district lets school out Good Friday & the week after Easter. Also we had to finish up our taxes. I work 2 home based businesses plus my husband has one then last year I was still working as a Realtor which means a 1099 & my husband works off shore which means a W2. Needless to say tax time is ugly. We are not really happy w/ the other person at that time. Then my computer had crashed last month (no back up) & I lost ALL of my financial stuff plus we couldn't import last years info. Then I thought my DH had them but no such luck. So off to the bank I went to get copies of our statement. (Now not going paperless I want them mailed to me) Of course I had to jump through hoops to get them all to get my DH's proof of a $700 school he attended. So now our taxes we completed by the 14th. Yeah!!

Now my DH has broken the news to me that he has to go to yet another 2 schools. One is next week & that one is $600 & the other one will be maybe next hitch in & that one is $1200. Luckily his company agreed to pay for the $1200 one. Would prefer them to pay for both but at least its an education right off.

How am I coming on my goals you ask? Well I made a coupon book & have been pretty faithful about them. I am also almost done w/ my household notebook. We are getting a refund this year and besides a couple of purchases (new work boots for DH new flash drive for me) we are applying it to our debt. Slowly but surely chipping it away.

I am really wanting to do a giveaway but I want more followers. I think I will do one when I reach 10 followers. So if you are just reading this please follow me & tell your friends.

Hope all is going well in your lives

The Semi-Single Mom

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  1. I was wondering where you were. But I do know life gets in the way of blogging sometimes :)