Saturday, June 9, 2012


Let me ask a question? Is my husband the only bull in the china shop???

To clarify…..if I am still asleep…..mind you its 6am not 8 or God forbid 9am my husband will be as loud as humanly possible all the while claiming he is trying to be quiet. He will repeatedly come into our bedroom and “looking” for something in the bathroom. So I finally say I’m up….what are you looking for and he says never mind I found it and he holds up his razor!

Cue exploding head!

Did I forget to mention the kids were at my parents?

Well…..two were the 40 year old needs to go next time so this momma can get some sleep.

So, is my husband the only one like this?


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  2. Men are like that. Mine does nothing when he wakes up, he is glued to the recliner. The world can be collapsing and if I don't ask him to check on the world...he won't worry about it.

  3. Wow - I'm not the only one?? My husband tells me the night before that I can finally sleep in a bit since it's summer time and he has to go to work early, but just like you, I hear the OJ slam into the counter - I hear him grab his keys and then it's too late to fall back asleep. I don't think men know quiet!!

  4. Oh are right...they don't know how to be quiet. I swear mine delights in opening and slaming every cabinet door we own.

  5. It's an attention thing! He wants you awake when he is!

  6. My husband FOR YEARS has insisted on putting his socks on while sitting on the bed, when I'm asleep. Do you have any idea how much that makes the bed jump up and down? Still it took us 20 years to get a foam mattress, it's been a few weeks without the sock hop now :)