Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Money Saving Tip

We are all looking to save money. Well I am going to give you a simple way to save a couple dollars a month. Its quick, easy & free. Are you ready? Here it is.....

Clean out your car!

That's it. Yep.....just clean it out. You use more gas driving around a heavier car. So grab a empty laundry basket & a garbage bag & get to work.

I don't mean you have to get it showroom detail clean. (Of course you should get it as clean as possible because it will last longer)

Anyway....take out everything you don't need. Bring it inside & put it away. If its winter you probably don't need beach stuff. In the summer you can probably take out all of your heavy winter items.

Now that everything is out really evaluate what goes back in. I have a spare diaper bag for my little one with a change of clothes, wipes, juice & a spare unopened snack. I also have reusable shopping bags & a lost & found bag (for items left at my house) and little things like pen & paper. That's pretty much it. I try to clean out the car weekly. The less stuff you tote around the better your mileage will be. The better the millage the less gas you use & that's more money in your pocket.

Another advantage of weekly cleaning is you notice thing that need to be cleaned up or repaired. The better the inside of your car looks the better the resale value of your vehicle.

Happy Saving!

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