Thursday, March 11, 2010

Travel Adventures

Well last night I had to go pick my husband up from work. This time was a little different as I did not have to go to the airport. His vessel is docked about an hour & a half from our home so I had to drive over there and pick him up. At 7 at night. Needless to say the docks are not the safest place to be at night alone as a woman. So my dad volunteered to go with me. Thank God.

I had an address so we popped it into the GPS & took off. We get there & its deserted. To get there we drove through what I like to call ghettoville. I am not exaggerating. Most houses had boards instead of glass where there windows would be. And there were lots of people gathered on street corners. We get to the dock & its crackville. There is no guard in what is left of the guard shack. The 2 buildings we parked between had been abandon for years. After much trial & error we finally found him. So we get in the truck & get about 3 miles down the road when he realizes he has forgotten his wallet. (*sigh) So we turn around & head back to crackville. This time my husband take my father & I on a tour of the boat & to meet some of his coworkers.
They were all really nice.

So we finally make it home safe & sound. Now....what am I going to do next month if I have to go back?

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