Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back in the groove

I need to get into a regular routine for doing this. I enjoy it but it just seems that everything else manages to take its place. I saw a church sign that said something to the effect that we make time for what we want to be our priorities. I thought that was interesting & I never really put much thought into. Church attendance is what they were mainly talking about & I understand....there are all kinds of excuses not to go to church & I admit I've used some of them from time to time. But for me I thought of my blog. I really need to get on the ball. While I would like for this to be a daily blog its just not going to happen. So my goal is at least weekly & then I'd like to get into a M-F kind of thing. Maybe even a schedule like some of my fave blogs I've seen.

So here at 10pm is my works for me Wednesday tip.

I am always remembering things to do while in the shower. Maybe its the water or washing hair stimulates brain cells but that's when I have clarity. So....I put a dry erase marker next to the tub. My surround is tile but it should work w/ fiberglass. May not want to try this if you have marble. I write down things to remember then after I get dressed I transfer them to my to do list & wipe it off. Also nice to write down that you need razor blades or shampoo from the store. works for me hope it works for you.

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