Saturday, April 4, 2009


Ok this is my first official post. So what do you mean by semi-single? Well my husband works offshore. He's gone half of the year so every other month I am a single parent to our 2 girls. No I don't get to act unmarried but it is hard sometimes doing it as a single. You see when he's here I can lean on him, ask his opinion, etc. But when he's gone I usually have to do it all myself. Sometimes if its not a pressing issue I can email him (sometimes it might take a few days for a response) but usually I just have to put on my big girl panties & jump. Luckily I have a large (and getting bigger by the minute) family that I can rely on...something not everyone has.
So I thought I'd use this blog as a way to chronicle my days. Sorta a way to keep the sanity & well everyone else is doing
A little about me. My name is Angel and this month I am turning 33. I am married and we will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary this June. I have 2 girls 10 & 2. My husband also has a 17 year old son. We live in South Louisiana which means most summers we get to pack up all of our possessions that we hold dear and evacuate. Yep to love them. Yes we lived through Katrina but that is a story (adventure) for another time.
I don't home school but I am very active with the school my oldest attends. I also belong to my local moms club so my youngest can socialize. I am one of the few stay at home moms in my family so its lonely sometimes.
I plan on using this to talk about my life & my goals. Goals I will do in another post. Reading these blogs I notice that all are different so I'll just figure it out as I go along. I'll update this blog as often as possible. I will shoot for daily but well life happens.
So again welcome, I look forward to getting some followers & reading your comments.


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