Saturday, November 26, 2011

My CVS Journey (how I saved)

Ok after Wags I went across the street to CVS.

Here's what I got:

Cepacol Throat Lozenges (16 ct), 4 toothbrushes, 2 Colgate toothpastes (4oz), Excedrin PM (8 ct), Nitetime Sleep-aid (24 ct), Advil PM (4ct), finish (10 ct), carmex, softlips, 2 king size Hershey's drops.

They were out of a few things I wanted so I got rain checks for those items.

Subtotal $30.65 (plus $2.60 tax) minus $1 coupon so I spent $32.25 OOP. I received $26.66 in rewards buck which I plan to use next week,. My actual total was $5.59 for a savings of 82.67% which is awesome.

How did you do?

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