Saturday, April 30, 2011

Winn Dixie Trip

So yall know how I love Winn Dixie. It wasn't always like this. Sometimes prices are higher than Wal-Mart. BUT if you combine sale prices with coupons they beat Walmart every time. This is where stock piling come in. I buy just the good deals & pull the rest of my need items from my stocked pantry. This along with menu planning has really helped our food budget. I also meal plan differently. Instead of deciding what we are going to eat then shopping I look at the sale papers & let that dictate what dishes we will be eating. For example today they had rump roast B1G1. Pork chops were the same. So tonight we had grilled pork chops. We also had baked potatoes (on sale last week) and because corn was $0.20 an ear we also had grilled corn. I was able to grill everything so that saved on electricity.

I was also able to use my rain checks from last week. THAT was useful let me tell you. Butter was my main saver. Normally I get butter (not margarine) from where ever is cheapest which is sometimes Wal-mart for $3 a lb. WD brand is normally $3.50. Last week however they had Land O Lakes for $2.50. Great deal as butter seems to be on the upswing nationally. When I went last Monday night they were out but I got a rain check for 6 packages. I went today and normally they are $4.29. Thats a savings of $1.79 lb or $10.74 for all 6. That my friends is a good deal. Even at Wal-marts cheapest price of $3 I still saved a total of $3.

So do you see how stockpiling & using sales can make some places cheaper than others? I still shop at Wal-mart for some things. I am just more careful about where I get all my items from.

What good deals have you found recently?

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