Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Traditions

What kind of Easter traditions do you have in your family? Do you have Easter baskets for the kids? Dye eggs? Hunt eggs? Have a big traditional lunch or do you BBQ? What does everyone have planned & what do you look forward to the most?


  1. Growing up we used to always get water guns in our baskets. So that afternoon would be a HUGE water fight outside.

    I haven't continued that we're just dying eggs and getting baskets from the bunny. But we are going up to Memphis to see some of the hubby's family this year.

  2. We dye eggs and have Easter egg hunts! We normally do baskets but this year I am not on top of things so we'll see! LOL! Normally the kids get candy, a summer outfit or swimsuit and a pair of sandals, this year we really didn't need any of that so I was doing prefilled baskets and a dvd!