Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Attack of the green snot

My poor baby woke up this morning with a bad case of the green snot. I think its allergies but it could be a little head cold. Either way its not fun when a child is sick.

So I told B she had to take medicine. Now, this is the child that cries to take medicine when her sister takes it. So I thought I had a brilliant idea to give her a little water in a medicine cup when I gave it to her sister. My thought behind this was she would not have an aversion to taking medicine & when it was time for actual medicine to be taken it would be a breeze. was a good real life not so much. So I resorted to putting her medicine in her sippy cup with some juice.

Yes....I am a bad mother. With the first child I would force it. Now I am to old to wrestle a small child who is amazingly strong when it comes to not taking medicine so I resort to hiding it.

My name is Angel & I'm a bad looking for a 12 step meeting to attend.


  1. I usually have to do the same thing with Michael. Luckily he can eat the chewable tylenol and motrin now! But any time it's the liquid, he get's about a third and his shirt gets the rest unless we do the sippy cup of juice trick.

  2. Why would that make you a bad mother?!?!

    I am just mean and sit on my kids while holding them down to squirt the medicine in their mouth!!